The Essex Board of Trade, Inc. is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization made up of business owners from Essex, Centerbrook, and Ivoryton who care about their communities as much as their bottom lines. EBOT was incorporated in January of 1999. Originally the members were primarily Main Street retailers however the organization has grown to include virtually every type of business that is based in Essex Township. EBOT organizes many of the events in Essex that have been family traditions for years. EBOT also supports numerous local non-profit organizations by offering them free memberships and help with their various events and causes. All businesses are encouraged to join the Essex Board of Trade. Please visit the "News and Links" page for a membership application.


The Essex Board of Trade has developed a range of programs to help members maximize their marketing effectiveness and get the most of their membership in the association. Membership benefits include:
Access to advertising and promotional programs targeting the Northeast and beyond.
FREE WEB SITE PAGE with contact info & links on the new
Option to post articles in the Valley Courier on the Essex Board of Trade monthly page.

Members in good standing are entitled to a free website page business listing that contains key information, including but not limited to: Business contact information Photos and graphics Hyperlinks to home websites Special sales/promotions As we expand and improve the new website, members may also qualify for additional listings as well as include free video and/or digital still images on their business listing. Members also are encouraged to post their events and current special offers to the web site. Press releases may be uploaded via the Members section of the web site.

Business to Business Opportunities

Membership provides opportunities for members to develop and increase business relationships with other Essex business owners. Leaders of Essex businesses and organizations are updated regularly about important issues and events at meetings. Members are encouraged to participate in meetings, as well as serve on the Board of Directors and Committees. Examples of the association's business-to-business opportunities include: Opportunities to network with other community business and organizational leaders at monthly meetings and events. Eligibility for an Essex Board of Trade "Bell Ringers" award, which recognizes significant contributions to the Town of Essex and the Board of Trade by individual members, companies, and organizations; and in so doing raises positive visibility for them in the community. Attendance at various forums and seminars with guest speakers who provide insight on issues important to business owners. Sponsorship opportunities for events and forums. Volunteer opportunities with the Essex Board of Trade, which raises positive visibility for members.

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